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About the Newton Cultural Alliance

The Newton Cultural Alliance (NCA) is a membership organization and consortium of arts & culture organizations dedicated to promoting, enhancing, and sustaining art & culture in Newton, MA. NCA was incorporated in 2009 by a group of nonprofits that sought to promote arts & culture in the City of Newton. NCA was designed as a resource for the entire community which seeks to inspire and educate. Collectively, NCA members reach an estimated 60,000 patrons annually with their programs, concerts, performances, festivals, art installations, classes, and workshops.

In 2012, NCA purchased the Nathaniel Allen House – a Newton landmark on the National Register of Historic Places – and began the careful process of preservation and restoration it for its future as a dynamic cultural center. The Allen Center now supports a range of innovative, cross-disciplinary programming and events. As NCA's premier facility, the Allen Center is a community space for exhibitions, performances, lectures, classes, workshops, and demonstrations as well as private parties and events.

Our mission is:

Promotion and Awareness

Build awareness of citywide cultural opportunities via a comprehensive calendar, weekly updates, bi-monthly newsletter, and social media presence.

Economic Development

Bring economic opportunity to the City of Newton through cultural tourism and the building of arts and cultural partnerships with the business community.

Collaborative Facilities

Develop collaborative cultural facilities for small nonprofit organizations and the community. Part of this effort is to ensure the permanence and vitality of the historic Nathaniel Allen House in West Newton and provide a year-round community space for a range of events and programs.

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