5 Things To Do This Week – 06/23/21

5 Things To Do This Week – 6/23/21

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*New Art Center launches Art Education as Self-Care starting Wednesday, June 23rd at noon and running eight consecutive weeks.  Art education + creativity exercises + stress relief + group discussions = Art Education as Self-Care.  If you’re looking for intellectual stimulation that doesn’t feel hard, if you’re hoping for a burst of creativity in the middle of your workday, if you’re looking for the soothing effects of art then look no further.  Join a small group of fellow art enthusiasts for a 2 month exploration into how a little bit of art education combined with reflection provides a refreshing and inspiring experience.  Register here to start some self-care.

*Historic Newton hosts a virtual lecture entitled Writing a New History: Recovering Stories of Slavery and Freedom on Wednesday, June 23rd at 7:00 p.m. Pamela Sparhawk was a formerly enslaved Black woman who petitioned the Massachusetts General Court to be recognized as heir to her brother’s estate.  Come hear the story of Pamela Sparhawk and her enslaved and free contemporaries in 18th century Newton and beyond. Register here to witness a new history. 

*Available starting June 24th, Cappella Clausura is thrilled to bring you Troubadours 2021.  A recorded collection of commissioned works honoring female troubadours of the 12th-14th century.  Based on the lyrics of ancient songwriters, each piece in Troubadours 2021 will be given new life by an eclectic group of modern day composers specializing in everything from jazz and hip hop to medieval, classical, and Bengali music. Get early access to this virtual 10-Episode series.  Buy tickets here to be the first to see Troubadours 2021.

*Newton Open Studios is back with more than 80 Newton artists participating in an all-outdoor event.  Happening one day only, Saturday, June 26th from 11:00-5:00 p.m, Rain date: June 27th. With multiple locations, Newton Open Studios artists will display their works for sale in yards all over Newton.  Come explore, browse and buy at as many artist sites as you like. Set your own tour map by visiting the Newton Open Studios website which allows you to save a “favorites list” on your own device. Map out your route to Newton Open Studios here.

*The Newton Free Library hosts an Evening with Nate Marshall on Monday, June 28th at 7:00 p.m. writer, rapper and educator Nate Marshall will read from his new poetry collection, Finna. These poems consider the brevity and disposability of Black lives and other oppressed people in our current era of emboldened white supremacy. Finna explores the erasure of peoples in the American narrative, asks how gendered language can provoke violence and finally, how the Black vernacular expands our notions of possibility, giving us a new language of hope. Register to explore the possibilities of a new language of hope.

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